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IMR Technology Introduction
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IMR In Mould Decoration Technology Co., Limited

                                                            Possesses mature IMR technology and is dedicated to value adding your product.


IMR In Mould Decoration Technology Co., Ltd specialized in In-Mold Decoration by Roller technology to produce plastic cover,design and manufacture IMR mold/high-precision mold, and high-precision injection service.  Our mission is to provide the best IMR technology to serve our clients.  IMR also provides turn-key solution for IMR Technology  manufacturing facilities which includes IMR film, IMR film feeder, IMR mouldIMR specification injector and IMR operator training. Since 2005, IMR has been manufacturing products that are widely used for telecommunications, domestic appliances, phones, consumer robots, electronics, automobile, instrument, apparatus, medical devices, toys and cosmetics etc.

IMR Technology

IMR is a process of putting the film into the mold and to press onto the object during injection phase. After cooling, the pattern or color is molded into the part.

This is different from the traditional technique of spraying onto the molded part.  Here, the molding and transfer occur simultaneously thus reducing the time and space cost. Moreover, the decoration effect is much better in terms of color saturation and textures.  IMR can also handle complex pattern where traditional spraying could not.  IMR can also provide decoration precision not achievable by traditional technique. Since it is molded into the part, the durability is better than the traditional spraying technology.  

Environmentally, IMR technology does not create environmental pollution like the spraying or electro-plating. Thus the technology is environmentally friendly, making IMR the preferred method of imprinting on the molded surface.

Currently few production facilities throughout the world is able to use IMR technology, and IMR In Mold Decoration Technology Co., Limited is among the few that are able to effectively deploys the  IMR technology.  


What’s IMD?

IMD included: IML, IMF, IMR

  IML:  In-Molding Label

  IMF:  In Molding Film(forming)

  IMR: In Molding Roller (transfer)


What's IMR?

IMR means In Mould Transfer by Roller. It is a process of putting the film into the mold and to press onto the object during injection phase.  After cooling, the pattern or color is molded into the part.


IMR Advantage One

One-Step-Forming, process simplification, reducing production, management, inventory and labor costs. Improve production efficiency.

Metallic, Gloss, Gradient, Superb Color and  Textures , Leather, brushed texture, carbon fiber, Backlit mirror, 3D complex design.

IMR Advantage Two

All kinds of the world’s highest standards of reliability testing to ensure product stability and durability.

Highly automated production to ensure stable production rate.

Automatic printing and eco-friendly ink, comply with environmental requirements

IMR Disadvantage

MOQ requirement

Limited suppliers

Long purchasing cycle


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