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What's ODF?
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What is On-Demand Transfer Foil Printer?

What is an On-demand Transfer Foil Printer? To print a traditional transfer foil, proofreading for printing must be first conducted based on electronic data of design image, and then a printing plate needs to be produced. Such printing plate is not necessary for the on-demand transfer foil printer, which enables printing of a transfer foil directly from design data.

The on-demand transfer foil printer “NAP-7H" is a system that can print transfer foils, ranging from single-piece trial production to small-lot production, with ease at a low cost.

As long as you have design data, a transfer foil will be produced in 20 to 30 minutes. Also, aluminum-evaporation foils can be printed as well as normal colors. Excellent repeatability can be greatly is available through layered gradations on designed evaporation foils.








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